Zangba releases ‘Hip-Hop, Soul, and R&B’ album

June 20, 2016
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Zangba releases ‘Hip-Hop, Soul, and R&B’ album

Zangba releases Hip-Hop, Soul, and R&B,  a lovable, 10-track project with relatable lyrics that will surely take listeners on a joyful ride down lover’s lane, where true love is the theme and being “in love” is the name of the game. Standout contributions come by way of popular R&B crooner Maskerade, for his soulful choruses and powerful productions; and Scarecrow Beats, who spirited the second half of the album with his warmhearted beats.

Hip-Hop, Soul, and R&B” is an evergreen, solid body of work, which will remain relevant as long as music is admired.

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