Hip Hop Film Festival NYC nominates Zangba Thomson’s “Three Black Boys” screenplay

June 10, 2017
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Hip Hop Film Festival NYC nominates Zangba Thomson’s “Three Black Boys” screenplay

The Hip Hop Film Festival NYC (HHFF) nominated Zangba Thomson’s “Three Black Boys” screenplay for their screenwriters’ category. The festival will be held in NYC for three straight days, beginning August 3rd and ending on the 6th.

“Wow…that’s great news,” said Thomson, after receiving news that his screenplay had been selected. “The Hip Hop Film Festival is monumental, and I’m honored to be a nominee.”

Thomson’s Three Black Boys started out as a hip-hop song, and during its decade-long existence, it has evolved into a 100-page street mixbook (an author’s version of a rapper’s mixtape), then, it transformed into a 350-page, full-length novel, and now a HHFF nominated screenplay. Thomson chimed in on the evolution of Three Black Boys

“The Creator blessed me with Three Black Boys, and over the years, I’ve been nurturing the idea like one would nurture a child,” said Thomson. “There’s no limit on what might happen next. Maybe, a film? A play? Or, I might release part 2, which is already in the chamber. I’m opened to unlimited possibilities.”

1010 WINS’ Sharon-Barnes Waters spoke with CR Capers, the founder & CEO of the Hip Hop Film Festival, about HHFF’s 2017 festival, so, check out their interview below.

“It’s cool that 1010 WINS is HHFF’s media partner for this year’s festival,” said Thomson, “because there’s a character in Three Black Boys named Ten-Ten Winz. There’s no coincidence in life, this was divinely meant to be.”  

Zangba and Nas at Maria Davis' event in Harlem

Zangba and Nas at Maria Davis’ awareness event in Harlem, New York. Nas is holding the original Three Black Boys mix-book. Photo by Eye of the Tygah “Sabre” Thomas

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