Three Black Boys: Tomorrow After Supper
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Series: Three Black Boys, Book Volume 1
Genres: coming of age, crime, street lit, urban fantasy, urban fiction
Tags: coming of age, crime, drama, urban fiction, YA Fiction
Publisher: Bong Mines Entertainment LLC
Publication Year: 2015
Length: Drama, 350 pages
ISBN: 9780615949062
Three black boys spring into dangerous action to obtain financial aid for a near-death woman plagued with the deadly black fever disease. Though their road is paved with good intentions, the brothers in arms will be in for more than a few surprises and a whole lot of heat.
About the Book

‘Three Black Boys’ is an urban-fiction tale bursting with real-life, time- sensitive issues. The story follows three African-American teenagers— Barnes, Demus, and Baker, and an Irish-American surgeon—Doctor Salome McBryant, on their separate quest to secure financial funding for Babita Harris, an Indian immigrant plagued with black-fever disease.

The setting is South-side Jamaica, a brutal, overcrowded neighborhood in Queens, New York, and home to Barnes (Babita’s only son), who must return home, day after day, to face a mother who unknowingly contracted black-fever disease, while visiting her parents in India. Days go by and Babita’s deteriorated health causes Barnes to seek help from Doctor McBryant, who later diagnoses Babita with black fever, and reveals that Babita’s liver is damaged and scarred beyond repair—not even dialysis can help.

Babita is told she has a month to live, unless she undergoes a costly liver transplant. But Babita is uninsured, no health insurance. So, the chance of a surgery is slim, but Doctor McBryant still places Babita on a list of 16,000 transplant candidates waiting for matching livers. Doctor McBryant tries to find a live donor, someone willing to donate parts of his or her liver to Babita. The only obvious choice is Barnes, but he has an ‘O Blood Type’ and Babita has an ‘A Blood Type’. Even more upsetting, Babita’s only other living relatives, her elderly parents, both have bad livers. What Babita needs is luck, and a quarter of a million dollars in cash.

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