Zangba recites a wonderful sermon on ‘Child of the Sun’, a thrilling-testimonial narrative detailing important life-turning moments in Zangba’s memorable life in Southside-Jamaica, a rough neighborhood in Queens, New York.

Child of the Sun’ was produced by world-renowned jazz composer/pianist Kevin ToneyZangba recorded his own vocals at Bong Mines Recording Studio, and the session was mixed and mastered by engineer Nick Kim at Kim Audio Studio in Williamsburg, New York.


“Child of the Sun” song lyrics

Hotep to the “Most-High the Highest” for guiding me safely through it all
‘Child of the Sun’
Child, child
‘Child of the Sun’
I don’t know why they say, “That, the good die young”
Cause I, still got air in my lungs
So, I must be a child of the sun
(Verse 1)
I don’t know why
People act like the world ain’t theirs
Some friends dead and gone, I had to shed a few tears
And over the years, I poured a few beers
To the ground, in memory of my peers
(Ah) Sal Brown, Kentele, Lil Bee
Jumbo just passed, I don’t know who’s next?
It could be me, or it could be you
And as we get older, the world do too
My sister wilding out, I love her to death
And in due time, I hope finds herself
This life that we living is filled with pain
Funerals after funerals ‘til no one remains
Treat ya brother right and he’ll do the same
Love gon’ getcha, the drugs in ya vein
And the monkey on ya back, see they both are the same
Young boys coming up, they want to be kings
But their super heroes are nowhere to be found
So, they root for the villain that’s bringing them down
Time waits for no one so let ya story begin
Ain’t hard to comprehend that jail is the pen
The court is the paper and the judge write ten
Sentences a day, see crime don’t pay
Writing letters in the bing saying, “I’m okay”
But deep down ya hurting, but you won’t say


(Verse 2)
I don’t know why (uh huh ah) People be buggin’
They counted me out, I was young, black, and thuggin’
I took the wrong route being a man I wasn’t
And when I got home me and mama always fussing
“Concentrate on school,” she used to say,
“And watch who you hang with, they will lead you astray”
But at that age, I was so full of rage
And then I got arrested and put in a cage
But The devil is a liar, he’s setting a trap
For the ‘Children of the Sun’ all across the map
And after l looked, I ended up finding
The road to success, Biggie said the best
(uh) Damn right I love the life I live
‘Cause I went From negative to positive
(uh) Damn right I love the life I live
‘Cause I went From negative to positive


‘Child of the Sun’
Child, child
‘Child of the Sun’

Copyright © 2017 Bong Mines Entertainment LLC | Papiesolo Publishing (BMI)

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