Zangba Thomson drops some lovable/radio-friendly lyrics on ‘I Need You‘, a dope Urban/Pop love song produced by California-native Maskerade Beats, who manages to also deliver a soulfully impactful and sizzling—hot chorus.


“I Need You” Song Lyrics

(Zangba Thomson / Toma ‘Maskerade’ Johnson)
(Siri) Here’s the contact info for Zangba Thomson | I need you girl | I know
I’m not gonna sit here and try to lie, and pretend like I don’t need you
Cause I know I do, and I know that ain’t true
(Verse 1)
Life is a blink, and then it’s all gone
Circumstances make you think whether you’re right or wrong
We live and we experience, this life we were given
It’s thrife, but we surviving
I’m analyzing, so much science in a history lesson
So much death in a Smith & Wesson
I pray for blessings when times are stressing
Loyal to babe, while my eyes undressing
I’m so adolescent, my childish ways stuck in a hard erection
They say Zang is a whore’s obsession
First and goal, and then we lost possession
And then it happened, written in gothic caption
“We good together”, no disrespect to them other couples
But we never run when we in trouble
It’s cloudy on rainy days, they say sinning pays
In roll of quarters, and life is like pouring water
In lakes and oceans, I’m dealing with some real emotions
I need you like a fish need ocean
I’m not gonna sit here and try to lie, and pretend like I don’t need you
Cause I know I do, and you know that ain’t true,
And I, I need you like tomorrow needs today, like the ocean needs the waves
And I’m not gonna lie to you when I know it’s true
[True, true, it’s true | and I know that I need you
You, you, I need you | I need you] (2x)
(Verse 2)
I need you like the air we breathing, and the food we eating
Get picked off of trees with leaves and our future conceiving
Thoughts of things that’s decent, like living in the warmest region
And swimming in bluest waters, and watching our crews place orders
On cruise ships that brought us, a million miles from where we first met
I spilled my drink on your pink dress, you uploaded it to Pinterest
And got so many likes, I been up many nights
With you in my arms, under the city lights
And that life we envisioned, we living life
Like there’s no tomorrow, city bright
[I need you girl, I need you] (2x)


Copyright © 2015 Bong Mines Entertainment LLC | Papiesolo Publishing (BMI)

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